A Bewitching Interlude That Crescendos Like Raindrops Falling From The Sun

by Wordsinger

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under the harvest moon,
I held you softly,
and kissed
all the parts of you
that were left jagged
and bewildered by the harsh edges of
life’s slings and arrows,
would you return the glint of starlight
from your eyes to mine?

Would you understand
that the way the clouds
drift toward us as our hearts beat in unison,
is the same way the sun rises
and puts to bed the shadows of night?

Poems that are not poems,
songs that are not songs;
just a cheap keyboard
and a single take from the Poet Scientist,
the weirdo slinging words as if they were worlds,
telling love stories as if someone was listening who knew:
time only stops when we fall into the singularity that is Love.

So let us fall, and fall again.
Don't stop believing in fate,
just because the bones of the past
crunch beneath our boots.

You are not like the others.

As the wind whistles against the waking landscape,
take my hand and feel how the sun rises,
see that the dawn can be a state of mind
that purifies our footsteps,
for moments,
even years;
tell me that you believe.


released December 30, 2019


all rights reserved


Track Name: As Springtime Softly Shimmers In Our Hearts, Gravity Pulls Us Closer Together
When the flowers bloom,
do you hear them singing
your name upon the wind?

Sweet starchild,
your eyes hold a universe of promise.

Burst forth from the supernova's cauldron,
you and I have waited for billions of years
to gather our heavy elements together,
in tender anticipation of the wondrous opportunity
to share time and space (oh, the things we'll get to see).
Track Name: As We Walk In Stride Up The Steps Of Our Palace Of Joy, We Honor The Way Each Step Was Crafted From The Bricks Of Suffering That Once Littered Our Past
There was a dream of you
poetry carved from a boy of blue
and in this monumental brew
a sculpture of the chance to start anew

but all the words in the universe
could never elucidate the sparkle in my soul
that you've ignited with the synchronicity of your heart

Though I don't yet know
every precious contour of your gorgeous face

starshine erupted from our reborn cores
illuminating every aspect of the landscape of our minds
shimmering like the primordial sea of stars

200 million years of lonely darkness washed away
infinite realms of possibility brought to life

supernovae seeding the future of You and I
Track Name: I, A Solitary Conductor, She, A Universe Of Exquisite Symphonies
Countess of my heart,
under the swirling sky,
under the whispering light

how I cherish your caress,
I am a river of fortune,
slipstreaming into the tender abyss.

Time has no dominion over our love.

Stars, crawling across the sky,
only accent our beloved embrace.

Silence is never silence
with the harp of your heart
being plucked by these dexterous hands.
Track Name: Prancing Upon The Catwalk Of Life, She Reinvents The Stars Above
when love calls your number
you wake from your slumber
when life makes you wonder
and seems to drag you under

just remember that
I believe that we can acheive
a life greater than dreams
they can call me naive
but that's what I believe

her heart is warm
her heart is bold
her soul is lighting up the dark

and this dream shall never die
Track Name: The Starkness Of Night, The Brilliance Of The Dawn
Soon I'll be awake
burning like a forest in the night

where has the joy in my heart gone
when is tomorrow no longer a thorn
why are there moments when I feel so alone
how can I survive on my own?

yet there is a sunrise at my door

in her eyes
in her arms

I am warm
I am known

I am loved
I am free
Track Name: Battleground
Underneath it all
I have nothing to fear
because you are not here

This is not a love song
this is just a broken heart
bleeding on a keyboard

There are many ways
the pain of life can get you down

There are a thousand moments
to crush you into dust

And no matter how you live
no one can take the crown
of thorns that dig into your skin
and cover this battleground
Track Name: You Lift Me Up
Day by day you lighten my step
and strengthen my heart in every way.

Moment by moment your vivacious soul heals my scars,
your magical touch on display.

When the stars shine in the sky,
when I see that look in your eyes,
the universe blooms like the dawn,
our cosmic path a joy to be on.

Whenever I hear your voice,
you lift me up.

Whenever I touch your skin,
you lift me up.

And should I stumble again,
you'll lift me up.

Nothing can compare
to the beauty of your stare.

Nowhere in existence can outshine
your radiant presence in my mind.

Our love is unconditional,
without limits,
and so sublime.
Track Name: Immaculate Perceptions Of A Gently Shared Horizon
We make love with our minds
we speak with our bodies
we make love all the time
we speak with our bodies

every touch is bliss
there are so many stars
under which we can kiss

how did I ever survive without your love

we make love with our souls
relinquishing all control
time cannot contain your smile in the rain
and hope is never far behind
because we share the same mind
we make love with our souls
you're the one i adore

why do you have to be so good
you're scaring me because you're making me need you
Track Name: When The Image In The Mirror Is Not Your Own
darkness flickering against the lovely
backdrop of her mind

the furious burn of distress
glistening in her eyes

she rises, never compromises
she pours her heart out
the crimson pages stain her fingers

no it's not her make up
but her voiceprint echoes
like a crying child left behind

the color of goodbye
stolen from her rainbow
a paradise of lies
a raven given shelter

this shall endure
a fever melting the snowscape
her heart bringing forth something new
and the day becomes the night
for a kiss like that can bring down the sun
Track Name: A New Physics Heralds Love's Arrival
As misty rain descends upon the meadows
There's a shadowy corner by the old oak tree

Meet me there when sunshine returns to your heart
I'll be asleep in the afternoon sunlight
I'll be the dreamer carefully emerging from the shadows

As electromagnetic radiation buoys our smiles
As the brightness of a new beginning births a star
We join forces, two sides of an equation

We spin wildly like a quasar
Broadcasting our love to the universe
We freeze time like a black hole
Tossing space aside like a broken watch

I am your destination
You are my place to be

Together we surpass the unknown
Together we find eternity
Track Name: It Is Only On The Doorstep Of Introspection That We Find Our True Selves
Sifting mindlessly through
the emotional wreckage of her heart,
the girl with the stark, haunted eyes,
turns her soul's cannon loose,
from its desiccated mooring.

She fires volley
after volley
into the obsidian night sky,
the fear of betrayal
dancing like water
dropped from a great height.

In time the waking dream subsides,
her glasses come off as she rubs
her tired eyes, bound for
the dresser drawer, they make
a noise not dissimilar to the
clunk-clank of her neglected heart as it yanks
at the thick chains that
surround its murky crimson epicenter.
Track Name: A Cluster Of Stars In The Shape Of A Rose
Though we can't escape
We're stars that can relate

I've dreamt of the constellation of your heart
I've felt the swirling beauty of your mind
I've tasted the sweet momentum of your voice

And though we never had a choice
We still share the same sky...
Track Name: I Am Mercurial, And Stumbling Through A Minefield Of Regret
As the fiery sun slides past the event horizon its destiny is sealed
Doomed to dance in the arms of a singularity

As the star begins to unfurl and stretch
Towards an infinitely hungry center

The black hole begins to feed...

There was never a day that taught us patience
For we flutter towards commotion like fireflies

There is never a moment that erases
Our crowns of suffering though we cry and cry

And even apologies seem to float away
Like frightened clouds on a windy day

My heart is a star spinning upon the precipice of destruction
I battle each day of solitude with an abundance of weakness

When I hear you calling out for me
I feel your mass pulling me to safety

When I hold you under the pale moonlight
I feel your mass pulling me to safety

Please forgive me when I spin out of control
For my momentum eventually slows

And the wounded animal in me
Comes limping back to you
Track Name: The Sun Rises, The Curtain Falls
I am the last of my kind
Hands holding up a brightening sky

Over the Earth I run
Getting nowhere under a lemony sun
I'm walking through the fields as one

For I am the last of my kind
Hands holding up a brightening sky

Older and older I become
Knowing imagination can't heal this one
I wonder how it feels to be done

Yes I am the last of my kind
Hands holding up a brightening sky

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